Miscalcuations “Kill The Whole Cast” LP in stock now / Destruction Unit “Eclipse” LP repress coming soon

Miscalculations – A few months back we announced that we would be working with P.Trash Records & Rockstar records to bring the new album from Miscalculations “Kill The Whole Cast” to the USA for release. This 3rd LP from Miscalculations offers up catchy melodic garage punk with a few synthpunk tracks tastefully sprinkled in the mix. This gem of a record is undebatably the strongest release for this UK based outfit. It takes the groundwork they have laid on the 2 prior LP’s and 3 7″s and delivers a flawless LP that no record collection should be without. Below you can stream the album via our bandcamp page as well as check out a picture of the final product and order the vinyl.

LP – 13$

Destruction Unit – Last week Sacred Bones Records released the new “Negative Feedback Resistor” for Destruction Unit. This killer record moves deeper into the heavy psych noise rock world that DU has been mastering for years. Back in 2010 Destuction Unit released the ablum “Eclipse” with FDH and the now defunct Perfectly Round Records. This record marked the transition of DU froma synthpunk band into a more psych rock world. This LP originally came out on black vinyl limited to 500 copies. Last year we did 100 more copies on mixed vinyl. We are happy to announce that in early winter we will have a 3rd press in. This pressing will be on red vinyl and will be a wonderful looking final product since the vinyl will match the art. This pressing will be limited to 200 copies and is sure to go quick. You can preorder it below.

LP – 13$

Summer 2015 Update

Deletions – After a impressive demo and a killer set opening for SGNLS at the record release of II, we announce we would be doing the first proper full length from Deletions entitled Hungers. Yesterday marked the debut of the video for “Plastic Spines” over at Impose mag in the always spot on “Week In Pop” (video by James Hollenbaugh who has a impressive collection of work in itself). Check it out!

The digital version of the album came out a few weeks back and is currently available from our bandcamp page as well as all the major MP3 sites. The vinyl will be coming out near the end of this year and will be co-released by the always wonderful P.Trash records. We have a limited FDH records silkscreened version limited to just 65 copies up for preorder now.

LP – Silkscreened mailorder version limited to 65 (of 300 pressed) – 12$

Digital Leather – Back at the end of June we released the Digital and CD version of the newest album “All Faded”. This landmark album is the first in the Digital Leather catalog recorded as a full band as opposed to the countless albums and EP’S that were solo recording from the band leader Shawn Foree. The vinyl is still out at the pressing plant and is expected in our hands this fall.

Click here for – Itunes Digital Version

CD Version (out now) – 10$

Standard LP (ships Fall 2015) – 15$

Miscalculations – We just recived word yesterday that the test presses of this LP came into P.Trash headquaters and have been approved for production. This 3rd LP from Miscalculations will be co-released with P.Trash and Rockstar records. Also yesterday marked the release of the Digital Version of the album! Here it is for your listen pleasure.

LP – (Clear wax with black specks) – 13$

Synthpunk Fest – For a long time we have considered starting a Fest like so many labels we admire. We have decided its time to stop talking and take action to build a fest for what we love and cant seam to find happening anywhere else a synthpunk fest. Its very early on and details are in the grey area right now but we are proud to announce that we will be doing the first of a annual event in Summer 2016. This fest will take place in the Philly PA area. We are building a team of bands / people / sponsors / vendors for this event currently. We would love to hear from you if your interested in taking part in any aspect of this first year! Alot more info to come. Please email us at fdhrecords@gmail.com to get involved

Suicide Bong Tapes Sale / 2 tapes for 5$ – We have a sub-label of FDH called Suicide Bong that is a all Philly tape label. While FDH has narrowed it releases to Synth driven music, Suicide Bong has only 2 limitations for releases 1) you must be a Philly based band 2) We need to like what your doing. We have 11 releases out so far and many more in the works. In efforts to raise some funds we are selling out backstock tapes 2 FOR 5$ thru the month of August. Currently available are the following releases – The Dolts – Self Titled, Likers – Men Of Honor, No Stayer – Rogue, Retreevers – Self Titled, F.T.S.- Financially Tight Situation, Spent Flesh – Slave Hymns, and a 44 band all Philly Comp “Philly’s Dopest Shit Vol 1″. You can hear all these releases as well as the out of print ones over at the Suicide Bong Bandcamp To order any 2 tapes for 5$ just add to cart below and let us know in the comment what 2 tapes you want.

2 tapes for 5$

Early Summer 2015 Update

Digital Leather – We are very happy to announce this week marked the release of the Digital Version and CD version of the new album from Digital Leather “All Faded”. We expect the vinyl version in early fall 2015. You can pre-order the vinyl in store section of the website now. At the time of this post we still have 2 copies of the test press edition of 50 available still! Here is a great video from the track “Stay in Bed”

Miscalculations – A new addition the the FDH family! We received a demo from these guys a few months back in addition the the LP’s they did with Rockstar & Deadbeat records. While FDH still loves great garage and powerpop we have really made a push to move further into a direction of a synth label. This record really grabbed me as its a killer garage pop band that sprinkles in some more electropunk tracks. We decided to team up with 2 great German labels (P.Trash & Rockstar records) to bring you the 3rd Miscalculations LP “Kill The Whole Cast”. We have added the track “The Same Needle” to our player on this page as it falls more in line with the FDH sound, however you can also check out the track “Impossible To Trace” by clicking the track name for a taste of just how much this album varies from one track to the next. We are expecting this vinyl in late 2015 and only 200 copies will make it over to the USA so get your preorder in now!

LP – (Clear wax with black specks) – 13$

(co-released with P.Trash & Rockstar Records)

Deletions – As we announced a month or so back we will be teaming up with P.Trash records to bring you the first full length from “Deletions”. This LP will be limited to 300 copies and we have a very limited version of 65 for the FDH mailorder silkscreened cover edition. Preorders are up and running in the store section of our page for this record and we expect the vinyl to ship in the fall.

Digital Leather – All Faded – Last call on Test Press Edition of 50

A few weeks back we announced we would be releasing the new album from Digital Leather “All Faded”. We wanted to share a few updates. In addition to “Face to The Wall” (the track that is currently on our player) this week we also debuted the track “Cold Inside” over at CMJ. You can now hear that track as well as preorder the digital version over on our bandcamp page.

Also in addition we have been taking orders and are nearing the end of our limited test press package limited to 50 copies. We have less then 10 available for sale. Here is a picture of the front cover to this very limited test pressing LP. You can find buy it now buttons located below.

Click here for – Itunes Digital Version

CD Version – 10$

Standard LP – 15$

Special Vinyl – (Standard LP & Test Version limited to 50) – SOLD OUT

Deletions “Hungers” LP – Coming Soon

About a year ago we got a demo tape from a band out of Harrisburg PA named Deletions. After a few listens to the “Bit Decay” demo I was hooked. After playing the tape to death we decided to have these guys out to play the record release show that we did for SGNLS. After a killer set I knew I wanted to be involved in a vinyl release. We are happy to announce that Deletions are joining the FDH roster. The debut full length Hungers offers 10 tracks in under a half hour, Maximum Rock and Roll called them “Smart and swampy keyboard driven raw garage punk” and I tend to agree. We will be teaming up with our Euro partners P.Trash records to bring you the digital release of this album July 21st followed by a LP version in the Fall / Winter. The LP will be limited to 300 copies and we will be offering a beautiful silkscreened mailorder version limited to 65 copies (the picture below is the FDH silkscreened version).

You can hear 2 tracks “Bit Decay & Thin Thread” over on our bandcamp page. These songs give you a great taste of the variety of sound this band offers on this record. We are expecting this vinyl around the same time as the recently announced new record “Digital Leather – All Faded”. If you have already ordered that and would like to add this in the package please contact us at fdhrecords@gmail.com to arrange combined shipping. Otherwise please feel free to order below. We also love to reward our customers who preorder records so we will be giving away 2 copies of the test Pressing (limited to 15 copies) of this vinyl randomly.

LP – Silkscreened mailorder version limited to 65 (of 300 pressed) – 12$

Digital Leather -New Album “All Faded” coming soon / preorder with limited version now

Digital Leather has been serving up a steady diet of heavy synth driven dark pop for years. We are very excited to announce that they will be working with FDH records once again for the new album All Faded.

All faded blasts through 11 tracks in just over a half hour. 5 people making heavy, synth-forward music. They use a lot of Moogs. Shawn Foree began Digital Leather as a one-man bedroom thing in Arizona, releasing records on a ton of labels (Fat Possum, Goner, Volar, etc). After relocating to Omaha Nebraska a band formed. They toured around and as a band Digital Leather recorded All Faded. It’s the first album with a full band. The record sounds huge in comparison to the earlier efforts. Big drums,thick bass, great guitars, and of course biting synth-leads courtesy of The Faint’s Todd Fink.

Torment, darkness and hangovers fuel All Faded. But does that make it a downer? All Faded is cohesive. It’s undoubtedly Digital Leather’s best record. A new page for a band reborn. They will take you into the future with them. Baptized in the vibration of a thousand LFOs. You can now hear the track “Face to the Wall” the first single that debuted today over at Brooklyn Vegan.

We will be releasing the Digital Version and CD version On June 23rd, with a vinyl version to become available in the fall of 2015. In addition we will be offering a special limited vinyl version that will include both the standard LP as well as a test press version limited to 50 copies (the limited test vinyl version will ship in late June to US customers and the standard will ship upon release). In addition we will be randomly giving away 3 copies of the Test Press of the last Digital Leather album “Modern Problems” to people that order the limited Test Press version of this album.

Click here for – Itunes Digital Version

CD Version – 10$

Standard LP – 15$

Special Vinyl – (Standard LP & Test Version limited to 50) – SOLD OUT

7″ Blowout sale – 7X45″s only 10$ postage paid in the USA

In an effort to do some spring cleaning we are doing a blowout sale on a bunch of back catalog 7″s. For 5$ plus postage (works out to 10$ in the USA) we are offering a package of 7 – 7″s. Yup 7 45′s for only 10$ postage paid (in the USA). Here is what you get

1 x Primitive Hearts – Debut 7″

1 x Ramma Lamma – Debut 7″

1 x Strange Attractor – Just Looking 7″

1 x Gape Attack – Burn this City 7″

1 x Doctor Scientist / Octagon Control – split 7″

1 x Blowtops – Brainshaker 7″

1 x RANDOM 7″ (artists include Godmode, Living Laser, The Bad Doctors, Women, Armedalite Rifles, Giant Haystacks, Sudden Walks – Sorry no special requests on the random one)



A few months back we unleashed the 2nd Full Length record from SGNLS simply names “ll”. Today the guys will hit the road for a month long ttour of the USA to support the record. You can hear the entire album over at this link. Here is a video for “No Connection” from the album.

Listed below is a list of the shows for the tour. Get out and catch them live as you will not be let down.

Wednesday 4/8 – Philly @ Boot and Saddle – w/ The Mob, Future Primitives

Thursday 4/9 – Harrisonburg, VA @ Gold Pony – w/ Buck Gooter, Malatese, Mojo Hand

Friday 4/10 – Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records – w/ Common Visions, Erectile Destruction

Saturday 4/11- Knoxville, TN @ Poison Lawn – w/ Coffinwomb

Sunday 4/12 – Private party, secret location…

Monday 4/13 – Nashville, TN @ Betty’s Grill – w/ Shaved Women, Trauma Harness, Jawws, Chainshot

Tuedsday 4/14 – Maybe Pensacola FL?

Wednesday 4/15 – New Orleans, LA @ Paulie’s – w/ Mea Culpa, Heat Dust

Thursday 4/16 – Lafayette, LA @ The Wild Salmon – w/ Severer, Girra

Friday 4/17 – Austin TX – HOUSE SHOW, over by 10pm, get in touch for the address!

Saturday 4/18 – San Antonio, TX @ The Mix

Sunday 4/19 – El Paso, TX @ Summer Bummer.

Monday 4/20 – Las Crucez, NM @ The Farm.

Tuesday 4/21 – Tuscon, AZ @ 191 Tool St.

Wednesday 4/22 – Tempe AZ @ Time out lounge

Thursday 4/23 – Los Angeles, CA The Melody Lounge w/ Cigarette Bums

Friday 4/24 – Ventura, CA @ TBA.

Saturday 4/25 – Oakland, CA @ The Night Light w/ Crimson Scarlet, Malditos

Sunday 4/26 – Davis, CA @ Third space w/ Screature

Monday 4/27 – Eugene, OR – HELP!

Tuesday 4/28 – Portland, OR @ The Twilight.

Wednesday 4/29 – Olympia, WA Dead Beat Records + Mailorder – w/ Wishnyu, Middlewav, Sun Eggs

Thursday 4/30 – Seattle / Tacoma – TBA / HELP!

Friday 5/1 – Missoula, MT Minor Bird Records

Saturday 5/2 – Big Sky Drive, private party.

Sunday – 5/3 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Dog Plex w/TFATT

Monday 5/4 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Up towner

Tuesday 5/5 – Chicago, IL @The Underground Lounge

Wednesday 5/6 – Detroit, MI Trumbullplex

Thursday 5/7 – Columbus, OH @ Bourbon Street.

Friday 5/8 – Ohio/ Kentucky – HELP!

Saturday 5/9 – Ohio/ Kentucky – HELP!

Sunday 5/10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA.


FDH Records will be out on the road in Europe with my band SPENT FLESH! With this happening any orders and emails will not be taken care of until we return on April 9th. I will have a box of FDH Records Merch available at the shows (and a lot cheaper then you would normally be able to get it with shipping costs). Come on out and hang out with us at one of these shows if you can.

Suicide Bong Tapes – Mixtape – Philly’s Dopest Shit Vol 1

Our sub division Suicide Bong Tapes is about to unleash a 44 band mixtape of our favorite bands in our city (Philly). This tape is limited to 400 copies and comes with a digital download code as well. This tape features tracks from Spent Flesh, The Charley Few, SGNLS, Population Zero, Community Service, Janelle, Ruby Buff, FTS, Cadaveric Spasm, Material, Timbers, The Cloth, Howling Fantods, Nightfall, The Magnificent Shithawks of the Greater Northern Americas, Brother Courage, Repellers, Deathmonger AD, Likers, Audio Kings of the Third World, Occult 45, No Stayer, future/primitive, The Bad Doctors, Flu Shots, Drones for Queens, Retreevers, Westboro Baptist Choir, Doctor Scientist, Dopestroke, Born Lost, Love Club, The Dolts, Shitlist, Night Windows, Sovereign, The Dirty Cut, Mike Bell & The Movies, Eat The Turnbuckle, Seeing Snakes, Problems, Sheena & The Nosebleeds, Severed, and Drugstore.

4$ – limited to 400 copies