FDH Records will be out on the road in Europe with my band SPENT FLESH! With this happening any orders and emails will not be taken care of until we return on April 9th. I will have a box of FDH Records Merch available at the shows (and a lot cheaper then you would normally be able to get it with shipping costs). Come on out and hang out with us at one of these shows if you can.

Suicide Bong Tapes – Mixtape – Philly’s Dopest Shit Vol 1

Our sub division Suicide Bong Tapes is about to unleash a 44 band mixtape of our favorite bands in our city (Philly). This tape is limited to 400 copies and comes with a digital download code as well. This tape features tracks from Spent Flesh, The Charley Few, SGNLS, Population Zero, Community Service, Janelle, Ruby Buff, FTS, Cadaveric Spasm, Material, Timbers, The Cloth, Howling Fantods, Nightfall, The Magnificent Shithawks of the Greater Northern Americas, Brother Courage, Repellers, Deathmonger AD, Likers, Audio Kings of the Third World, Occult 45, No Stayer, future/primitive, The Bad Doctors, Flu Shots, Drones for Queens, Retreevers, Westboro Baptist Choir, Doctor Scientist, Dopestroke, Born Lost, Love Club, The Dolts, Shitlist, Night Windows, Sovereign, The Dirty Cut, Mike Bell & The Movies, Eat The Turnbuckle, Seeing Snakes, Problems, Sheena & The Nosebleeds, Severed, and Drugstore.

4$ – limited to 400 copies

2014 Year of the Synth – 4 LP’s only 40$

Here we are wrapping up our yet another year with some great records added to our catalog. Why we have always has dabbled in many music styles this year was undoubtedly the year of the Synth over at FDH. We released 4 full length records each bringing its own sound to the table but working very well together as well. Until the start of 2015 we will offer a special deal with all 4 LP’s for just 40$.

TIT “TIT” – Debut 4 Song 12″ Ep from Bobby of The Hussy & Shawn of Digital Leather. Dark, weird, and catchy co-released with Volar Records (USA). (will include limited yellow vinyl while supplies last)

SGNLS “2″ – Following up a LP on Blind Prophet Records. This Snythpunk outfit is not afraid to venture into Psych, Kraut, and a bunch of other territory. Co-Released by P.Trash records (Germany). (will include limited DVD while supplies last)

The Bad Doctors “Burning City” – A Post Punk New Wave masterpiece that can easily be mistaken for a lost Factory Records release.

Teledrome “Teledrome” – Power Goth. Very catchy full length following up the debut 7″ on Hozac Records. Co-Released by P.Trash Records (Germany) & Mammoth Cave Recordings (Canada).

Snag all 4 LP’S for only 40$

Late 2014 Update

Time for another round up of what is going on over at FDH.

We are excited to announce our newest release “SGNLS – 2″ is now in stock. This LP is 40 minutes that blur the lines between synthpunk, psych, krautrock. This LP is limited to 500 copies and is co-released with P.Trash records in Germany. The first 50 mailorder copies come with a bonus DVD “Active Decontrol” that features some videos, live sets, interviews, and other goodies. The official release date for the record is Nov 26th however all preorders will ship before then. Before the ablum is officially out you can hear the A side of the records at http://fdhrecords.bandcamp.com/album/2. We are also offering a special price if you purchase this record along with “The Bad Doctors – Burning City LP” we released earlier this year.

Sgnls – 2 LP – 11$

Philly Synthpunk Pack (Sgnls – 2 LP & The Bad Doctors – Burning City LP) – 19$


The LP we released earlier this year from the Powergoth band Teledrome is now back in stock. The repress was 500 copies however only 100 of them made it to the USA so act fast as we don’t expect them to last long.
Teledrome LP – 11$


The debut LP from TIT (Shawn of Digital Leather & Bobby of The Hussy) is up next for release. We expect these in mid December. The first 166 copies are on yellow wax. We have less then a dozen of the color version still available.
TIT LP – 11$

Spent Flesh –
A little self promotion here. Spent Flesh is my own band. FDH co-released out 10″ back in 2012. This coming spring we will be touring Europe with a new 7″ coming out of P.Trash records & Rockstar records. While Spent Flesh for sure doesn’t have the sound that I have moved FDH into over the last few years we will be touring with a huge FDH merch table. More info to come on that tour soon. If you want a taste of the weirdo hardcore we play feel free to visit http://spentflesh.bandcamp.com/. We have 2 tracks leaked from the Euro tour 7″ “Deviant Burial Customs”

Destruction Unit – Eclipse LP back in stock

In 2010 we released the Destruction Unit LP “Eclipse”. This album was quite a departure from the synthpunk background that the band was known for. This record was sort of the start of a new era of the band. Diving deeper into a epic Psych rock sound. Granted this record is less heavy then their most current works “Deep Trip” & one of my personal favorites “Void” however this record set the groundwork for these titles. You can check out the first track from the album “Time Traveler” over in our player on the right hand side of the page to get a taste of this albums vibe. We now have 100 copies back in stock on mixed color vinyl. Grab one today as they are sure to go quick.

Destruction Unit – Eclipse
$11 US Dollars

Late Summer update – TIT Preorders up now and a bunch more.

Time for another roundup of whats happening over at FDH.

TIT -We are very proud to announce that we have started preorders for this debut 12″ EP from TIT. This project excites us on many levels. First off its a 2 man band featuring one of or label favorites Shawn Foree of Digital Leather who we have worked with many times. He has teamed up with Bobby of The Hussy to bring us 4 songs of darkwave synth driven madness. This record is also gonna be co-released with one of our favorite labels going these days who we are very proud to be working with Volar Records. This record is limited to 666 with the first 166 copies on yellow wax available only from the labels and the bands. Check out the first track “Leaves on Fire” in our music player and preorder a copy with the button below (or in our store section) before the yellow vinyl is gone. We are expecting these records to ship in early Dec. We are giving away 3 copies of the test pressing of this. In order to enter to win one all you need to do is preorder the record
Co-Released with Volar Records
Limited to 666 copies. 166 Mailorder copies on Yellow, 500 on Black
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out Dec 2014)

SGNLS – Another project we have up for order is a Philly favorite psych synthpunk outfit named SGNLS. The new album “2″ will be hitting the streets in late Nov and is a serious force not to go unnoticed. This one is co-relesed with P.Trash records out of Germany. The first 50 copies ordered will also include a bonus DVD featuring some live stuff, music videos, and an interview. You can check out the video for “No Connection” below and order the LP over in the store section.

SGNLS – No Connection from FDH Records on Vimeo.

The Bad Doctors – The first proper full length from this Philly Post Punk New Wavers is still going strong over at FDH. Its been seeing rave reviews. Here are a few examples.

“Channeling their inner Devo, Joy Division and even The Cure at times, Burning City is not only a great album with amazing tracks, it is a great change of pace for the Philly music scene” Aaron @ Radio Static

“The perfect album for an Exploding Hearts fan who’s been on the verge of getting into Interpol but never quite made the leap” Yellow Green Red

“A polished work of dark synthy songs that generate gratuitous comparisons to broody 80s bands” – Ruby @ Hexbeat

“Fun, Catchy and conventionally accessible Gothic New Wave” – MRR

“Synth-punk-new wave, when done wrong, can sound like a bad cliché, but on Burning City, Bad Doctors are doing it just right.” Ed @ Audio Ammunition

Since we have 2 great Philly Synth driven bands we are releasing records for in 2014 we are offering the Philly Synthpunk Pack also!

“Philly Synthpunk Pack”
Includes a copy of SGNLS -2 & The Bad Doctors -Burning City LP’S
$19 US Dollars

Primitive Hearts - The feel good summer album High & Tight is now back in press and available in our store once again.

Teledrome & Destruction Unit – We have the debut Teledrome LP & Destruction Unit “Eclipse” LP both back at the pressingplant now. We expect both back in our hands in the Fall.

Primitive Hearts – High and Tight Repress in stock now.

We are happy to announce that last years feel good summertime album Primitive Hearts – High & Tight is back in stock at FDH. Supplies are limited. Grab yours today so you can spin it at your end of summer parties.

Primitive Hearts – High & Tight
$11 US Dollars

Suicide Bong Tapes

As we have mentioned a few times over the past 2 years we also do a all Philly tape label called Suicide Bong Tapes. We just released 2 new tapes (The Dolts, and FTS) and made up a new batch of shirts. Our shirts are available for 8$ each and tapes are 3$ each in the Suicide Bong Section of the store. However for the remainder of August we are running a special deal. Here is what you get.

Suicide Bong Tee Shirt
Likers – Men Of Honor tape
FTS -Financially Tight Situation tape
The Dolts – Nadine tape
ONLY 15$

Represses coming very soon- Teledrome, Destruction Unit, Primitive Hearts

A few killer releases from out back catalog that have gone out of print are coming back for another round. We have vinyl represses coming in early fall for the following records. You can order your represses below!

Teledrome- Self Titled LP
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

Primitive Hearts – High & Tight
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

Destruction Unit – Eclipse
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

OR get all 3 together for 30$

SGNLS – Pre-Orders now up

Have you ever thought about what it might sound like if Hawkwind recruited Genesis P Orridge and members of The Units into the band? Or if Kraftwerk merged with members of Pink Floyd and Crass to work on a concept record together? Of course you have not, and neither had I before I heard this record. While this Philadelphia based band has been churning out a slew of releases over the past half a decade including a great LP on Blind Prophet Records, this album really is the first time the whole Sgnls concept has been captured on a single work. With that said they also have stepped up their production quality well above anything they had released prior to this record. It somehow showcases the bands ability to make a sound that is truly blurs the lines of synth-punk, industrial, psych, and krautrock while still holding a pop sensibility. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with so many peaks and valleys that all work so well together, somehow never seaming to go to deep in any one direction, yet at the same time the album is still very cohesive. It really is a masterpiece that must be listened to as a in its entirety (and maybe a few times in its entirety) to truly appreciate the varied sound and styles it merges while sounding effortless doing it.

SGNLS – No Connection from FDH Records on Vimeo.

We have started preorders for this record today, the record is Due out in October. You can find a link below to either order this record alone or you can order the “Philly Synthpunk pack” including both SGNLS “2″ & The Bad Doctors “Burning City” LP’s. The first 50 copies of the SGNLS LP will include a DVD with music videos, a live set, and a interview. We also will be giving away 3 copies of the SGNLS test press in random preorders! We have a lot more info coming very soon on this release. In the mean time check out the track “Love Goes Running” in our player.

First 50 copies ordered come with a limited DVD (Including a live set, music videos, and a interview)
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Nov 2014)

“Philly Synthpunk Pack”
Includes a copy of SGNLS -2 & The Bad Doctors -Burning City LP’S
$19 US Dollars